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DR. GE NIUS - a billionaire who in recent years has been investing his money in the development of Artificial Intelligence and new technologies. He lost his wife a few years ago and is now very angry at the world. He still keeps memories of traveling with his beloved. It is these memories that are the key to his part of the code.

To solve the password, you need to virtually visit each place that is indicated in the doctor's diary.
Guess what places we are talking about and, using Google maps, answer the questions. Password consists of 4 digits

Paris is a city that is connected with love like no other! Over the years, millions of marriage proposals have been made on or near the Eiffel Tower. However, it is not only the Eiffel Tower that attracts “loving hearts”. There is also a bridge of lovers in Paris, which by its official name has nothing to do with love. Visit this bridge, enjoy the view of the Seine and count the number of lanterns that are on it!

Number of lanterns and write down the answer in the column!

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

This is one of the most grandiose structures ever built by man in the name of love. This is both a monument and a mausoleum, built by order of the emperor in honor of his beloved wife, who died during childbirth. According to legend, on the contrary, the emperor wanted to build another mausoleum of black marble, so as not to be separated from his beloved after death, but his plans were not destined
come true.

Visit this place, find and find out how many towers are under restoration as of 2015.

This story of two loving hearts is still popular, everyone knows these two families and everyone knows the names of the most famous representatives of these families! We will ask you to visit the city where these families lived and visit their homes. If we don’t manage to get into one house, then we can do it in the courtyard of the second without much difficulty.

Get into the courtyard of the second house, study it and write down how many windows are under the famous balcony?

Paragraph 3

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