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MY LOGIC - intellectual and entertaining battle, consisting of 6 exciting rounds. Questions about popular films are waiting for you, you will need to guess modern puzzles, guess what language the songs are sung in and even remember popular advertisements!

In our game you will be helped by erudition, logic, ingenuity and good mood!
Come to us with a good mood! See you at the game!

Game start on January 20 at 17.00
In order to take part in the game, press the ZOOM button.

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What it is?

Online quiz is an entertaining and intellectual team game in which you have to answer fun, informative, entertaining questions! You have to be part of a team to win the game

What is waiting for you?

In each round, questions of a different format are waiting for you: text, a question with pictures, video and music. You will use logic, erudition, knowledge from the school curriculum and will be able to look into the "mind halls"!

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How will the game play?

1. All participants go to ZOOM;

2. In ZOOM, participants are randomly divided into teams;

3. Teams choose a captain or responsible person who will fill out the answer sheets;

4. Team members independently launch the broadcast on the site;

5. There are answer forms on the site that the captain will need to fill out.


Technical support will be available in the general chat of the broadcast. There it will be possible to communicate between teams or ask technical questions.

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