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It's time to confirm that we have a real virtual trip! Right now we will invite you to go for a walk to different places where Santa and his colleagues live.


There are 3 points in front of you to which we invite you. Your task is to visit each of these points, find the hidden place and answer the questions that we have prepared for you!

Point 1

The Belarusian Father Frost has his own residence. Find Father Frost's estate. There is a sign near this estate prohibiting one character from appearing here. Which one?

Point 2

The name of Santa in one of the countries is Joulupukki. Visit the village of Joulupukki, find the “zero kilometer” and write what is the distance to New York?

Point 3

In the USA, Santa Claus's House is literally at the North Pole. But, unlike the previous places, it is more of a store with Christmas goods. Although you can meet Santa and Mrs. Claus here. Find the real Santa in this House and write what word is depicted on the Christmas tree next to the wizard.

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